Hot Summer Jewelry Styles of 2013

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By midsummer, it’s almost a given that your hot-weather wardrobe is starting to look a little . . . dull. It’s understandable. After all, this is basically the no-man’s-land of fashion: too hot for fresh fall looks. Too late in the sale cycle for new summer duds. And too sweltering to think about wearing much at all. But there’s a secret upside to this fashion abyss: This is also the time of year when a really fab accessory starts to look especially enticing—and make the most impact, to boot. For maximum style rejuvenation, skip winter’s neon baubles and last summer’s overplayed bubble necklaces and refresh your look with one of these five jewelry trends. Pick one or two, or try all five: We promise it’s the fastest way to make the same three sundresses feel suddenly new again.

The Hand-Piece
This ring-bracelet hybrid combines everything we love into one awesome piece. These styles run the gamut from sweet and simple to majorly ornate, but we’re especially feeling the statement-making potential of the more intricate types.

Stud Earrings Singles
Who ever ruled that your earrings must be an identical duo? A little asymmetry is always welcome in our world. Switch things up by wearing two different posts—try your initials, or combine geometric metal shapes.

Stackable Band Rings
Not that we don’t still love us a giant cocktail ring—because we most certainly do—but there’s something super chic and totally fresh about the current crop of slender, minimalist rings. Wear them alone or in multiples, either stacked or anchored above the knuckle (our pick!).

Chain Lightweight Bracelets
Such a feminine counter to the chunky cuffs of earlier seasons. Try these lightweight chains solo, layered, or worn with a watch.

Ear Cuffs
So dramatic! While most of the most current jewelry looks are trending delicate, we love the sheer glamour of ear cuffs, which offer an attention-getting design with chunky stones or gleaming metals.

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