Men’s Diamond Rings are the New Chic for Men’s Fashion

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There is a new trend in modern jewelry design. It involves the world’s favorite gem, which, of course, is diamonds.Although diamonds have always been known as a woman’s best friend, now diamond rings are becoming very popular in the men’s fashion marketplace. For more than one reason, diamond rings for men are seen as a status symbol and smart investment for the savvy men of today’s generation.

Despite a troubling economy, the price of diamonds has continually escalated throughout the past decade. As people lose confidence in other types of investments, such as the stock market or real estate industry, more and more investors are waking up to the value of diamonds. Men’s diamond rings are worth something and will never depreciate.

Aside from the fact that diamonds give an aura of sophistication, men’s diamond rings also carry a significant status symbol. Aside from being used merely as a men’s wedding ring, a men’s diamond ring can be worn on many other fingers. Even unmarried bachelors can create a classy and fashionable sense by wearing a diamond ring. Some men prefer a diamond pinky ring, or a right-hand ring with chunky styles encrusted with diamonds. Bling, bling!

Men’s diamond rings work well to attract women, partly because they portray a sense of dignity, business-mindedness and self-appreciation. Women see a man who wears a diamond ring to be masculine and successful. He is a true gem, so to speak.Single guys who may be looking for classier women to date should certainly consider wearing a men’s diamond ring.

Some men also wear a men’s diamond band in lieu of an engagement ring. Why should the ladies have all the fun? Men these days are proud to let it be known their heart is already engaged, so another new trend on the jewelry scene is in the form men’s engagement rings or diamond wedding rings for men. Instead of a traditional plain band, men prefer something sporty or flashy.

Young and old, men alike are wearing men’s diamond rings to boost confidence and to complement the men’s fashions of today. Diamonds are a perfect accessory. Men’s diamond bands can be set in many different metals besides gold. Platinum, ceramic, zirconium and titanium materials can give a men’s diamond band a unique look, in comparison to traditional gold. Although gold has always been the most popular, there are many newer options to provide a greater variety for men than ever before.

Men can jump on the diamond men’s ring bandwagon and get a handsome ring for themselves. These diverse opportunities are sure to be new classics in the making.

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A unique, personal jeweler who works nationwide, Keith Saxe is GIA and FIT trained and has been a trusted high end diamond jewelry specialist for 26 years. He is the founder and president​ of NYC Wholesale Diamonds located at 47 West 47th Street Suite 3A in the New York City Diamond District. His website is and he authors a blog ​Keith has a full service store located across the street from his private office,​ and ​a San Diego factory showroom. He offers GIA Certified Ideal Cut Diamonds,​ and state of the art fine jewelry designs at low wholesale prices. Keith has been named the N.Y. Diamond District’s Favorite Jeweler by the N.Y. Post’s Savvy Shopper column, had his diamond education articles published, been recommended in the New York Times, CNN reporter Robyn Spizman’s ‘Perfect Present Guide’ and ‘The GIFTionary’, as well as having his Diamond Halo Engagement Ring design featured on ‘The Knot’


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