Introducing Our Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds

NYC Wholesale Diamonds will begin featuring our vast Natural Fancy Color Diamond Inventory on our website’s Diamond Inventory Search Engine beginning October 7th.

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Only one in every 10,000 diamonds possesses natural color and is referred to as a fancy colored diamond. For this reason, these diamonds are purchased almost exclusively for the intensity and distribution of the diamond’s color. Criteria considered when purchasing a white or colorless diamond, such as cut proportions and clarity, are important when purchasing a fancy colored diamond, but color factors become the key characteristics that must be considered.

Color intensity, the deepness or richness of color, is the most important consideration when purchasing a colored diamond. The more intense the color, the rarer and more valuable the diamond will be. All of our diamonds possess natural color and are certified by the as never having been exposed to artificial coloring techniques.

Colored diamonds are primarily cut to emphasize their color. This contrasts with colorless diamonds that are cut to maximize sparkle or brilliance. While colored diamonds still exhibit brilliance, color is the most important characteristic considered when they are being cut. While cut describes a diamond’s light performance, dimensions and finish; shape refers to the overall outline of the diamond when viewed from the top (e.g. round, princess or marquise). It’s important to note that many colored diamonds are cut into non-traditional shapes to enhance their natural color. Two of the most efficient and beautiful cuts are Cushion and Radiant.

Our entire inventory of colored diamonds are independently analyzed and graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), which is the most respected laboratory in the diamond industry. Each diamond is accompanied by a colored diamond identification and origin report. This authoritative report lists the diamond’s specifications including its color grade, and ensures its natural origin.
When choosing a setting for a colored diamond, it is best to choose a metal color that will enhance the natural color of your diamond. For example, we design rings for yellow diamonds with centers of yellow gold even in a platinum or white gold ring. Pink diamonds look best when set in rose gold. If you have questions about the best setting for your colored diamond, always feel free to call us at

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