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Thank you Mike & Nicole for your kind Yelp review. We wish you both a ton of happiness and love!

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“I randomly stumbled across NYC Wholesale Diamonds and Keith Saxe, but I’m glad that I did. After looking up a specific diamond for an engagement ring that I saw in-store priced around $10k, I found that same exact diamond at NYC Wholesale Diamonds for about $5k. That immediately gave Keith credibility in my mind.

Talking with Keith was unlike talking with anyone else I dealt with in my diamond search. He was happy to answer questions as I moved through the process and gave me his honest & straightforward expert opinions along the way. When it finally came time to buy, a few other websites had the same diamond I ended up choosing listed for slightly less (Many sites will list the same diamond for sale – same GIA certificate # – as diamonds are offered on an exchange between dealers and different dealers will list the same diamond without having physical possession of it). I reached out to those other sites and quickly found out why they were offering the same stone for slightly less – they gouge you on the cost of the setting.

All in, NYC Wholesale Diamonds offers the best prices and Keith was an absolute pleasure to deal with. I can’t say enough good things about my buying experience with Keith & NYC Wholesale Diamonds. I strongly recommend buying from them and have already recommended them to a friend who also bought an engagement ring. Both of our fiances were thrilled with their rings, as were we knowing that we received a quality product at a great price!”

A unique, personal jeweler who works nationwide, Keith Saxe is GIA and FIT trained and has been a trusted high end diamond jewelry specialist for 28 years. He is the founder and president ​of NYC Wholesale Diamonds located at 47 West 47th Street, Suite 3A, in the New York City Diamond District. His website is www.NYCWD.com and he authors a blog at www.NYCDiamondBlog.com. Keith has recently been named to The Diamond Council of America, is a member of the Jewelers Board of Trade, and Jewelers of America. He offers GIA Certified Ideal Cut Diamonds,​ and state of the art fine jewelry designs at low wholesale prices. Keith has been named the N.Y. Diamond District’s Favorite Jeweler by the N.Y. Post’s Savvy Shopper column, had his diamond education articles published, been recommended in the New York Times, national gift reporter Robyn Spizman’s ‘Perfect Present Guide’ and ‘The GIFTionary’, as well as having his Diamond Halo Engagement Ring design featured on ‘The Knot.’’

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