A Huge Thank You and Congratulations to Andre and Jill, who left us a glowing review on Google!

“I did not have a clue about what diamond ring I was going to buy or where I was going to buy it until I was lucky enough to stumble upon a review like this one! The review described a 5-star diamond expert in New York, who was polite, attentive and helpful! His name is Keith and I had to check it out for myself. I e-mailed him and he responded within minutes, in the most polite way possible. We scheduled an appointment at his office, where I did not find someone who tried to sell me a diamond, I found someone who was committed to helping me make my fiancĂ© have the experience of a lifetime! Keith is THE ring expert and he went the extra-mile to make sure that I found the perfect diamond ring. He was more than patient and polite, he acted in my best interest, as a friend would! I 100% recommend Keith, because he is the best and he will help you find the best, which is exactly what the love of your life deserves! Thank you Keith for making this magical moment, memorable, easy and exciting! Jill and I can’t wait to buy our wedding bands with you in the spring.”

Andre, Miami, FL

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