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Never before has the industry seen such a rapid rise to popularity as in the Oval Cut Diamond. A well cut oval is spectacularly brilliant. Its elongated shape looks flattering on any finger and it carries most of its weight on its surface, meaning it will appear bigger than other shapes of the same carat weight. Special Values in Magnificently Brilliant Radiant, Round Brilliant and Emerald Cut Diamonds of spectacular size are featured below as well.  %Jeweler NYC %NYC Wholesale Diamonds

A Bright and lively, perfectly proportioned 100% eye and loop clean Oval with the ideal 1.35 ratio. GIA’s highest Excellent Polish and Symmetry grades.
Seize the moment!!
6.04 ct Oval Brilliant Cut Diamond
I Color VS1 Clarity
Retail $305,000
Your Price $144,500

%Jeweler NYC %NYC Wholesale Diamonds

A perfect ideal rectangular Radiant Cut Diamond with an in demand 1.28 ratio.  A bright true white color and nearly flawless!
This spectacular Radiant Cut Diamond also boasts GIA’s highest Excellent Polish and Symmetry grades for the perfect Engagment Ring
6.01 ct Radiant Cut Diamond
H Color VVS1 Clarity
Retail $289,000
Your Price $135,000

%Jeweler NYC %NYC Wholesale Diamonds

Incredible value in this Flawless Emerald Cut Diamond that has the length of an 8.00 carat rock!  Look all day, you wont find a single inclusion in this rare Internally Flawless Diamond!
6.81ct Emerald Cut Diamond
I Color IF Clarity
Retail $409,500
Your Price $189,000

%Jeweler NYC %NYC Wholesale Diamonds

You’ll be blinded by the fire, sparkle and brilliance of this gigantic 7+ carat perfect ideal cut Round Brilliant Diamond. You’ll also be maximizing value with the with its near colorless Color Grade and Eye Clean Clarity.
7.07ct Round Brilliant
I Color SI1 Clarity
GIA’s highest Excellent Cut, Polish, and Symmetry grades
Retail $299,950
Your Price $138,000


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