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The most effective method of keeping your diamond engagement ring sparkling clean may sound odd at first. Just place your ring, or other diamond jewelry in a boiling pot of water, adding 5 to 10% ammonia for five to ten minutes. Always let the water cool before removing the ring. Then place the ring in a cup of cool water for another ten to twenty minutes. This allows any remaining ammonia to diffuse off the ring eliminating the possibility of a film. Just wipe the base of your ring dry with a napkin, or paper towel and once again enjoy its beauty!

An alternative, although less effective method is to just drop your ring in an ammonia jewelry cleaning solution overnight. In the morning, take the ring from the solution and use a soft, clean toothbrush to brush it in order to remove leftover dirt accumulated over the week. One should be careful while scrubbing the fragile settings of the stones with a toothbrush; diamonds always love the soft touch. Afterwards, wash the stones with water (or let them sit in a cup of cool water for 20 minutes) and wipe with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Harsh cleaning solutions can damage your diamonds. Strictly avoid contact with chlorine or abrasives when cleaning diamonds, especially those that are set. The metals often used in diamond settings will be eroded by these harmful cleaning agents, and the prongs may come loose. Some of them are strong enough to even  dissolve the metal completely, and your jewelry is ruined.

Many scientifically advanced jewelers use ultrasonic cleaners to remove dirt and grime that have collected on diamonds. The machine sends high-frequency sonic waves through a detergent solution which causes the fluid to vibrate to remove the encrustations. Amateurs can buy these machines too, but its best used by a professional jeweler since the sound  waves can also shake the diamonds loose from their setting, especially if the work is delicate and fragile.

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