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What a breathtaking proposal Mike, Bravo! Demi, thank for your kind Google review, you’re the best!
Keith is amazing!! I first met Keith when my brother-in-law and I went to pick out a ring for my sister. Keith was recommended to my brother-in-law by a family friend. Keith is so kind and knowledgeable and walks you through the process of what you should look for in a jeweler. He is the best in the business, and there is no need to go anywhere else. My brother-in-law and I were both so impressed leaving his office.
He is attentive and funny and makes the experience of designing the ring an amazing one. Once I saw my sister’s ring one day, I knew I wanted Keith to make my ring.
At the time, I wasn’t dating anyone, but Keith told me I could email him my dream ring, and he would keep it on file. I thought that was funny but why not! I emailed him pictures and details of my ring and hoped that my future fiancé would go to Keith one day. I honestly didn’t think he would keep an email sent three years ago, but he did!
My fiancé learned about Keith through my brother-in-law, and he told me when he went to Keith with my sister, Keith pulled up the email I sent him!
My fiancé said from the first phone call to get the ball rolling in making the ring to picking it up was the best experience. He said Keith is a true professional, and you don’t find many people like Keith in the industry. Save your time, and don’t go to those chain jewelers. Keith will go above and beyond from the first time you meet him and even after your significant other gets your ring.
Our family loves Keith!! Thank you for helping my fiancé design my dream sunflower ring and my sisters
Demetra “Demi” Gregorakis
May 16, 2002


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Ukraine war puts Indian diamond polishers out of work

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MUMBAI: India’s huge diamond-polishing industry has furloughed around 250,000 of its roughly two million workers because of sanctions on Russia hitting supplies, a trade union said Thursday (May 19).
The South Asian nation cuts and polishes 90 per cent of the world’s diamonds, with Russian diamond miners such as Alrosa traditionally accounting for 30 to 40 per cent of India’s imported rough gems.
“This problem has started ever since the Russia-Ukraine war began,” Ramesh Zilariya, president of the Diamond Workers’ Union Gujarat, told AFP.
“Western countries like the United States and Europe have stopped accepting Russian diamonds that have been polished in India,” he said.
Workers were furloughed this month in the western state of Gujarat, the main hub of the industry, Zilariya added, as companies struggle with cash flow and supply disruptions.
Traders say Russian supply has fallen short since Western sanctions forced Moscow out of the SWIFT cross-border payments system, plunging the supply chain into uncertainty.
“Supply is still disrupted and payments are mostly on hold,” Sripal Dholakia, director at the All India Gem and Jewellery Domestic Council, told AFP.
Dholakia said imports from Russia are “not adequate” at present, and Indian traders are facing higher bank charges while making direct payments in rupees or rubles.
An industry pitch to the Indian government to make future payments via India’s Unified Payments Interface system has gone unanswered.
India exported cut and polished diamonds worth US$24 billion in the year ended Mar 31, data from the Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council showed.
Top export destinations included the United States, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates.
Many Western buyers are now refusing to accept diamonds sourced in Russia for fear of violating sanctions.
“They have started asking for a bill which specifies that the goods we are supplying are not Russian,” a Mumbai-based jeweller told AFP on condition of anonymity.
Prices too have turned volatile.
“Fifteen to 20 per cent instability is a big thing for us because we work on a margin of two to five per cent … It becomes difficult,” the jeweller said.
The Gujarat diamond union has asked the state government to provide financial aid and re-skilling training to out-of-work polishers to help tide over the crisis.
“(We) asked the government to support workers in the diamond industry because this issue is not going to be resolved in one month,” Zilariya said.
“This issue will go on for at least five, six or seven months.”
India has called for a cessation of violence but has stopped short of condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
The two countries have historically had close ties, with Moscow supplying most of New Delhi’s arms.
Source: AFP


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Diamond prices are spiking and even De Beers can’t fill the gap

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Prices are surging in some corners of the rough-diamond market, as sanctions on one of the world’s two giant miners ripple through the supply chain. In the past, the industry could turn to behemoth De Beers to crank out extra gems when supply ran tight — but not this time.
The price of a small rough diamond, the type that would end up clustered around the solitaire stone in a ring, has jumped about 20% since the start of March, according to people familiar with the matter. The reason: Diamond cutters, polishers and traders are struggling to source stones after the US levied sanctions on De Beers’s Russian rival, Alrosa PJSC, which accounts for about a third of global production.
For most of the modern history of diamonds, this is the sort of situation where De Beers could have tapped its vast stockpiles or simply fired up latent mining capacity. Little more than 20 years ago, its safes in London held stocks of diamonds worth perhaps as much as $5 billion.
Those days are now long gone. The company only carries working inventory stocks and its mines are running at full tilt. There is little chance of material increases in supply before 2024, when an expansion at its flagship South African mine will be completed.
“It’s very difficult to see us bringing on any new production,” Chief Executive Officer Bruce Cleaver said in an interview in Cape Town. “Thirty percent of supply being removed isn’t sustainable.”
De Beers also produces relatively few of the type of diamonds Alrosa specializes in: the small and cheap gems that surround a larger center-point stone or are used in lower-end jewelry sold in places like Walmart or Costco.
For many in the sector, that means growing shortages unless Alrosa and its trade buyers can find a work around.
Alrosa canceled its last sale in April and is unlikely to sell any large volumes again this month, the people said. It’s uncertain when the company will be able to sell normally again, they said, even as the company, banks and buyers look for solutions.
Alrosa’s press service declined to comment. A US Treasury license that allowed for winding down of deals with the company expired on May 7.
The fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has divided the global trade. As western governments levy sanctions on Russia and companies pull away from the country, many in India’s diamond industry still want to keep buying, according to people familiar with the matter. And while big-name US jewelers Tiffany & Co. and Signet Jewelers Ltd. have said they will stop buying new diamonds mined in Russia, retailers in places like China, India and the Middle East have not followed suit.
That dynamic is spurring concern that diamonds from Russia will be passed off as other origins.
Very few diamonds remain in one party’s custody through the entire supply chain. Most are cut, polished, manufactured and then set in jewelry by different companies and often traded in between each step. Diamonds are routinely mixed into parcels of similar sizes and qualities throughout this process, making origin tracking almost impossible in many cases.
De Beers, which sells to around 60 handpicked customers, is already looking to beef up its standards. It’s considering increasing both the paper and physical audits it already carries out on its customers to make sure supply remains segregated.
“They have to show us that our production is not being mixed,” Cleaver said.
Special thanks to Thomas Bicsheuvel and Bloomberg for this update


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A Diamond Engagement Ring is the ultimate romantic gift of a lifetime. That said, Diamonds have proven to consistently be one of the best investments of all time, if not the very best! Diamonds become family heirlooms for generations.  They are historically the most valuable, and stable form of currency. Now can we say the same about weddings? We would never lessen the importance and significance of a wedding here at NYCWD. In my 26 years sharing the joy of couples as they become engaged, many have sought out alternative ideas to a huge wedding. The following is a fascinating article written by Kate Storey appearing in today’s New York Post. Yes, one and the same N.Y. Post that named NYC Wholesale Diamond’s President Keith J. Saxe ‘The New York Diamond District’s Favorite Jeweler’ in their Savvy Shopper Column.

Last spring, a few dozen guests stopped by a going-away party in Greenpoint for Khuong Phan and Shannon Belisario. Wearing casual summer dresses and slouchy jeans, the friends gathered at Paulie Gee’s pizza joint.

There was nothing unusual about the party, except the departing couple was a bit more dressed up than usual — Belisario in a cute purple and red frock, Phan in a sharp sports coat. And surprisingly, their family members had flown in from Florida for the lunch.

After some slices, Phan, then 32, and Belisario, then 30, invited the group of 55 to a nearby photo studio for drinks. A few hours later, Phan and Belisario climbed on top of a coffee table to make a toast.

“Our Brooklyn friends have become like a second family to us,” Phan began as iPhones flashed. “And keep out your cellphone cameras! Because we’re getting married — right now!”

The room erupted in cheers and tears as the couple dashed off to change into their wedding finery.

Top-secret weddings are usually associated with celebrities hoping to escape the glare of paparazzi — think Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick; Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds; Leighton Meester and Adam Brody, who reportedly tied the knot last week in a covert ceremony in Northern California. But recently such undercover weddings have become a welcome alternative for everyday couples looking to avoid the fuss and frills of the over-the-top, “Bridezilla” approach to matrimony.

“Ambush weddings are part of a bigger trend of couples doing away with the traditional way of doing weddings,” says Carmen Feliciano, CEO of, a New York-based wedding vendor site.

“It’s driven by a few things: cost, need for personalization and time. People just don’t want to spend a year and a half having wedding planning in the back of their minds.”

And who can blame them? According to, the average New York wedding now costs upwards of $70,000, and brides typically spend 14 months planning it.

Simply turning a party into a surprise wedding eliminates the hassle of save-the-dates, fancy invites, rehearsal dinners, bridal showers and decoration details. Plus the planning period is generally reduced to a month or two.

For both celebrities and regular folks, the key to pulling off a surprise wedding is coming up with a strong excuse to lure guests to the bash. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian told pals they were hosting an engagement party at a private home, in 2011, but when guests showed up, the couple revealed it was actually their wedding. In 2009, Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady used their son’s christening at St. Monica Catholic Church in California as an excuse to get their group gathered.

Belisario and Phan, who had been engaged for five years, initially planned to go the traditional route with their nuptials. But they kept running into roadblocks.

“We had pseudo-planned our wedding twice,” says Belisario. “We looked around everywhere — The Green Building, The Foundry, all over the place. They’re so expensive!”

So the wedding was pushed off. But when Phan scored a job in Los Angeles, the couple knew they couldn’t leave their beloved Brooklyn — where they’d spent the majority of their relationship — without getting married.

So they dove into action, turning their going-away party into a surprise ceremony. They tracked down a priest who agreed to officiate with only a week’s notice, and tipped off their families in Florida to ensure they’d make the trip north.

Even though some female guests unwittingly wore white, some male guests arrived under-dressed in jeans and sandals, and almost everyone showed up empty-handed — no wedding invites means no registry — the response was overwhelmingly positive.

“I thought it was really romantic and a great way to take the pressure off of all of the bulls - - t that comes with a wedding — save-the-dates and invites and dress code and all of the rigamarole that’s peripheral to the celebration itself,” says Jamie Feldmar, 26, who has been friends wit h the couple for years. “I thought it was kind of awesome.”

Park Slope residents Amy and Dave Frey were so against the nuptial song and dance, they planned to skip it altogether — until a health scare changed their minds.

After dating for about four years and deciding marriage wasn’t for them, the pair decided to start a family in the fall of 2012. But Amy had a dangerous ectopic pregnancy that required emergency surgery.

“In the hospital, right before the surgery, we looked at each other and were like, maybe we need to rethink this whole marriage thing,” Amy says.

“And my husband looked at me and said, ‘Oh, we’re going to get married!’”

But they knew they didn’t want their “I do’s” to be the normal to-do.

“We’d been to nine or 10 weddings over the previous two years, and there’s so much stress,” Amy says. “We didn’t want to be stressed over money and linens and tables and all that stuff.”

In a matter of weeks, Amy, 31, had invited their friends to a surprise birthday party for Dave, 39, at MyMoon restaurant in Williamsburg. But unbeknownst to their guests, the couple secretly exchanged vows in front of a few close family members at the nearby Wythe Hotel moments before the “birthday party” began. So it was a pleasant surprise when the couple walked through the door with rings on their fingers.

“Amy had the biggest grin on her face, and I just knew,” remembers guest Anna Carnick.

“I burst out crying, and she came up and said, ‘We got married!’ ”

Meanwhile, Alec and Gaby Brownstein spent months telling everyone they were planning to elope somewhere exotic and then have a small party to celebrate.

“Our parents were not thrilled,” Alec, 33, says. “They wanted us to do a wedding.”

And when the couple realized their “low-key” soiree was becoming as big as a wedding, they decided to nix the elopement and stage a surprise ceremony at the party.

The only other person who knew of their nuptial plot was wedding planner Tracy Taylor Ward, who set up a photo shoot of the couple around the city, with beach locales acting as stand-ins for exotic elopement spots. On the day of the party, Alec and Gaby played the slideshow for their guests, listing places they’d intended to wed. And then, the big reveal: “But we knew we wanted to get married in front of our family and friends — so we’re getting married today!”

“They were crying and so moved,” 29-year-old Gaby says. “I was so surprised that so many people cared so much.”

But relationship therapist Rachel Sussman recommends treading carefully if you go the surprise route.

“Parents could be very hurt if they were lumped into the same surprise that their kids’ friends and acquaintances and colleagues are,” she says.

Sussman instead encourages couples to bring their closest friends and relatives into the planning process.

And yes, that includes the bride.

Wedding planner Sandy Malone handled the granddaddy of secret ceremonies last year when a would-be groom hired her to surprise his future bride.

The client flew his girlfriend to Vieques, Puerto Rico, where he promptly proposed. The very next day, their friends and family arrived for the ceremony — unbeknownst to the soon-to-be Mrs.

That’s when things got awkward.

At the reception, family and friends began whispering that they thought the bride had been pressured into marriage. They didn’t approve of the groom and, although they knew they were flying to the couple’s wedding, they didn’t think they’d had a chance to voice their concerns.

“I was physically ill,” says Malone. “It was horrible. I wanted to take the bride aside and say, ‘Did I do something horrible? Your paperwork isn’t filed yet. We can tell everyone it’s a bad dream!’ But if nobody in her family has the guts to tell her that, who am I to do it?”

Malone says there is a difference between good and bad surprise weddings.

“A bad surprise is not telling the bride she’s about to get married.”

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So Grateful for all your Reviews

You can find all our over 500 Five Star NYCWD Reviews on Google, Yelp, iVouch, Wedding Wire, and Facebook

Thank you Will for this very kind Google Review. Wishing you and Madeline all the happiness life has to offer together always!

I reached out to Keith early in my engagement ring search. During my initial appointment, he gave me a thorough overview of the diamond buying process. He also showed me several diamonds based on the initial criteria I gave him. We spent the next several months narrowing my criteria even further, and ultimately Keith found us the perfect diamond.
Through every step of the process, Keith was knowledgeable, patient, respectful of my budget and great with communication. I could not have imagined a better experience finding a ring! Overall, Keith is fantastic and I’m incredibly grateful for his help in finding the perfect ring. I would (and will) recommend him to anyone!
Will Stager
Google Review
Five Stars
March 21, 2022

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%Jeweler NYC %NYC Wholesale Diamonds


Industry sentiment mixed following sharp rise in rough and polished diamond prices. Rough selling at unsustainable premiums on secondary market, fueled by speculation and shortages. Further increases likely at De Beers sight.
Fancy (non round) Diamond Market robust. Good demand across all sizes. 1.20 to 3.99 ct., F-J, VS-SI is hottest category and seeing scarcities.
Belgium: Sentiment positive as value of inventory continues to rise. Dealers struggling to find profitable goods.
Israel: Traders concerned about price speculation. Sold items proving difficult to replace as valuations keep increasing.
India: Upbeat mood as US demand drives sales.
Hong Kong: Polished trading down due to spike in Covid-19 cases. Wholesale resuming slowly after Chinese New Year. Retail weak due to pandemic and lack of tourist shoppers; China border remains closed. Mainland market gradually improving but seasonally quiet. Jewelers saw vibrant gold sales during lunar festival.


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