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Diamond Care & Cleaning – Easier Than You Think!

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Lore says the world’s first diamond was discovered 6,000 years ago. They have dazzled both commoner and royalty alike, and in myth are associated with the gods. They passed on into the mythos surrounding thrones and crowns studded with fabulous stones, to be looted by invaders who lusted after treasure. Known as the hardest substance in the world, although they are not indestructible. Diamonds can be cut or polished only by another diamond, but a strong blow is enough to make a chip on them. Here are some tips on keeping your diamond jewelry sparkling and lustrous as ever.

After an evening of black cocktail gowns, champagne and attracting envious stares, when you are putting that diamond tiara away in your safe, make sure they aren’t kept next to other jewelry pieces since this can cause scratches. A velvet- or satin-lined jewelry case with separate compartments is recommended, separate jewelry boxes will work perfectly as well. If you love your diamonds take the time to individually wrap each piece in soft tissue paper or use jewelry pouches for each piece.

It is important to regularly inspect your diamond jewelry to ensure that the mounting of the stones is secure. Immediately consult a professional jeweler if any signs of damage or loosening of the prongs are detected. Always remove the item and store it in a bag or pouch until you bring it to your jeweler if a loose stone is detected.  Remember, diamonds don’t fall off rings on their own, and precious metals don’t get scratched and dented by themselves. Those who really care for their stones get their diamond jewelry examined at least once a year by a professional jeweler. This is not only to get any necessary repair work done, but also your jeweler will clean the diamonds in their settings in an expert manner.

Never wear your diamonds to bed. Take off that ring because while you’re asleep, and a prong in the mounting gets caught in the bed linen, the 1mm claw is subjected to the pressure of your body weight if you turn over. Bedtime pastimes of more intimate nature are best done with the stones off. Similarly, remove diamond jewelry before you take a shower; soap will deposit a film on the stones which has a dulling effect. Neither should you wash your ring in the sink—there is the risk of it going down the drain. Instead, put it down in a secure place (for those who insist on holding it between your teeth, do this gently). Here’s a simple way to ensure the stones are safe: every week, look sideways at the prongs of the ring as you rotate it. They all should have contact with the diamond. You can also inspect the center diamond in your engagement ring by tapping it gently with a tweezer, if any movement is detected remove it immediately. Remove fluff caught in the prongs gently.

Always wear diamonds after you have put on your creams, skin oils, perfumes and hairspray. Lotions, powders and soaps, apart from the natural oils from your skin, will create a film on diamonds, which will reduce their brilliance. Plus, chemicals in the air will oxidize or discolor the settings. Keeping your jewelry clean will maximize its brilliance. Along with these, household chemicals can also cause deposits that will dull your diamond’s brilliance and sparkle. When you discover that your diamond jewelry is not sparkling enough, soak or boil them in a solution of water mixed with a few drop of ammonia. Or do some gentle scrubbing with an old, soft-bristled toothbrush for more extensive cleaning. Then rinse the piece and dry it with a clean soft cloth.

It is important for the genuine diamond-lover to keep diamonds looking their very best. Touch the center diamonds in your pieces as little as possible because the oil in your skin will be transferred from the fingers and change the luster of the stones.


The most effective method of keeping your diamond engagement ring sparkling clean may sound odd at first. Just place your ring, or other diamond jewelry in a boiling pot of water, adding 5 to 10% ammonia for five to ten minutes. Always let the water cool before removing the ring. Then place the ring in a cup of cool water for another ten to twenty minutes. This allows any remaining ammonia to diffuse off the ring eliminating the possibility of a film. Just wipe the base of your ring dry with a napkin, or paper towel and once again enjoy its beauty!

An alternative, although less effective method is to just drop your ring in an ammonia jewelry cleaning solution overnight. In the morning, take the ring from the solution and use a soft, clean toothbrush to brush it in order to remove leftover dirt accumulated over the week. One should be careful while scrubbing the fragile settings of the stones with a toothbrush; diamonds always love the soft touch. Afterwards, wash the stones with water (or let them sit in a cup of cool water for 20 minutes) and wipe with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Harsh cleaning solutions can damage your diamonds. Strictly avoid contact with chlorine or abrasives when cleaning diamonds, especially those that are set. The metals often used in diamond settings will be eroded by these harmful cleaning agents, and the prongs may come loose. Some of them are strong enough to even  dissolve the metal completely, and your jewelry is ruined.

Many scientifically advanced jewelers use ultrasonic cleaners to remove dirt and grime that have collected on diamonds. The machine sends high-frequency sonic waves through a detergent solution which causes the fluid to vibrate to remove the encrustations. Amateurs can buy these machines too, but its best used by a professional jeweler since the sound  waves can also shake the diamonds loose from their setting, especially if the work is delicate and fragile.

GIA and FIT trained, Keith has been a trusted high end diamond jewelry specialist for 33 years. He is the founder and president ​ of NYC Wholesale Diamonds Inc. located at 47 West 47th Street Suite 3A in the New York City Diamond District. His website is and he authors a blog ​Keith hasbeen named to The Diamond Council of America, is a member of the Jewelers Board of Trade, and Jewelers of America​. He offers GIA Certified Ideal Cut Diamonds,​ state of the art Engagement Rings, and fine jewelry designs at low wholesale prices. Keith has been named the N.Y. Diamond District’s Favorite Jeweler by the N.Y. Post’s Savvy Shopper column, had his diamond education articles published, been recommended in the New York Times, national gift reporter Robyn Spizman’s ‘Perfect Present Guide’ and ‘The GIFTionary’, as well as having his Diamond Halo Engagement Ring design featured on ‘The Knot’


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Our most recent Google Review. Thank you Richard, wishing you and Ashley the best of everything life has to offer always!
Richard Kimball
I feel bad it has taken me this long to post a review of Keith Saxe and NYC Wholesale Diamonds, but months after purchase I feel compelled to write this review because my experience purchasing thru Keith was nothing short of spectacular. My now fiancé and I have been together going on seven years at this point, and over the last few years I have been gathering all of the hints and ideas and bits of information from her, so when I began shopping and looking around the summer of 2020, I for the most part already knew what it was that I was looking for. It was a matter of finding it. When I began my search, I came across Keith online and wanted to reach out to him based solely on the amazing reviews I had read of NYC Wholesale Diamonds. I emailed Keith what it was I was looking for, and he promptly emailed me back, letting me know he had some options to take a look at and also answering some of the questions that I had, while asking me some questions so he could get a better sense of me, what my timeline was, my budget etc… There was no pressure to his email, I got no feeling at all I was trying to “be sold”, I genuinely felt Keith was trying to educate me and assist with no guarantee I was going to go thru him. I live on Long Island so I began making the rounds to all of the top rated jewelers on the Island, and really, my plan was to see what I could find on the Island and then follow up with Keith and compare. After several months of shopping around, there was just no comparison. I had multiple establishments tell me the diamond I was looking for, at the price range I was in, and the quality and size I desire, was just not possible. Keith made it a reality, he gave multiple options that were below, at, and slightly above the budget I originally set, without compromising what it was I wanted, laying out for me exactly what the options would be. He exchanged several emails with me over several months, met with me several times in the middle of the pandemic in person at his office, and not one time did I feel pressured in any way. I decided to purchase thru Keith Saxe & NYC Wholesale Diamonds, and its one of the best decisions I have ever made. I could tell from my fiancé’s reaction that I hit it out of the park, and months later, the ring is still the topic of conversation every-time we are around friends and family. I know this is a long review, but I truly had the best experience purchasing thru Keith and NYC Wholesale Diamonds, I encourage anyone and everyone to contact Keith if they are shopping for an engagement ring.

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Buying a diamond ring can be intimidating. What do you look for? How much should you pay? Should you buy online, in a private office with a true diamond wholesaler, or in a store?

Demystify the process by learning about the four C’s: carat, color, clarity and cut. This system of grading diamonds was developed 60 years ago by the Gemological Institute of America.  Then do some research by visiting a trusted or referred jeweler. You can confirm information provided by the jeweler directly with the GIA, or by online research. You’ll soon understand your options. Here are the keys to protecting your interests when making this so very important purchase.

1. Buy from a jeweler with an outstanding reputation both online and off. This can easily be checked on Google, Yelp, and iVouch
2. Only buy GIA certified diamonds. GIA reports represent the highest standard of reliability, consistency and integrity
3. Seek a GIA certified diamond with a laser inscription. This an additional benefit the GIA also offers to have this registered GIA report number laser engraved onto the thin, outer edge of the diamond known as the girdle. This confirms the diamond matches its report and proves ownership as well
4. Demand an appraisal stating all facts about the diamond and ring, especially the GIA certificate number and grading. It is best that the appraisal contains the leatherhead of the business, and is signed by the owner or senior manager. You will need this to obtain insurance on the ring

Here’s a primer on the four C’s and other advice.


—Carat is a weight measurement. A 1-carat diamond weighs 200 milligrams. The key here is a carat is a measure of weight, and does not exactly indicate surface area size. There can be a significant difference in size of the surface of your diamond visible from above. This is where Cut becomes so critical. There is no ideal size for a diamond. It depends on your budget and taste. Some women want a big rock; others prefer a delicate, less blingy look.
Small diamonds of the same quality are of course less expensive than larger diamonds. A ring with three small diamonds totaling 1 carat costs less than a single 1-carat stone of similar quality.
—Color is graded by letter, starting with D for rare, colorless diamonds. E and F are considered excellent, but G or H diamonds will look just as good to the naked eye.
Farther down the scale, you’ll notice differences. “If you put a K color beside a G color, you’ll notice more yellow in the K,” said Russell Shor, senior industry analyst for the Gemological Institute.
—Clarity measures diamond flaws, called inclusions, which might appear as tiny spots, clouds or cavities in the stone. The clarity grade SI stands for “slightly included.” VS is a better grade, “very slightly included.” VVS is even higher, “very, very slightly included.” Keith Saxe of NYC Wholesale Diamonds adds “most SI2 clarity diamonds will have inclusions clearly visible to its wearer, be careful here”.
—Cut measures workmanship, rather than a diamond’s inherent qualities. The way a stone is cut produces sparkle and luminosity and can hide flaws. The best cut rating is excellent. About a third of engagement ring diamonds are graded fair, good or very good. Saxe adds “Cut determines the sparkle, fire and brilliance of a diamond. Knowledge on what determines a diamond as an Excellent, Ideal cut is the key to diamond buying success”. Shor states “The one thing you should not trade off on is the quality of the cut,”. “Even a nice color stone, if not well-cut, will be dull and lifeless. But if it’s a middle color — like K — and it’s got a real excellent cut, it will pop and flash with all the sparkle that diamonds are famous for.”

After choosing the cut, “balance the color, clarity and carat weight based on your personal preference to find the best diamond for you and your budget,” said Amanda Gizzi, spokeswoman for Jewelers of America.

April’s Birthstone is Diamond! Time to Seize The Moment!

Call NYC Wholesale Diamonds at (212)719-2214 for any diamond buying questions. Even if you do not buy from us we are here to educate and inform!

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