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Congratulations to Kiersten and Blake

%Jeweler NYC %NYC Wholesale DiamondsWe are so excited for NYCWD couple Blake and Kiersten, who were married last month and shared with us some beautiful pictures from their special day.  They were also kind enough to write us a wonderful review on Wedding Wire.  NYCWD wishes them a lifetime of happiness!


Kiersten and I want to thank you again for everything you have done!
We both could not be happier.  You made the process enjoyable from the
very beginning and as promised, here are a few photos from our special

-Blake and Kiersten

%Jeweler NYC %NYC Wholesale Diamonds%Jeweler NYC %NYC Wholesale Diamonds

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Protecting your Jewelry

%Jeweler NYC %NYC Wholesale DiamondsNYCWD and Jewelers Mutual Insurance work closely to insure that you are covered for the unexpected.  Did you know that here at NYCWD we can get you an instant quote and in most cases have your new piece of jewelry covered by the time you walk out the door?  We will always care for you beyond just the creation of your custom ring and other fine jewelry.  Here are some very useful tips from Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company for the safe keeping and avoiding loss of your jewelry.

1. Dirt buildup may hasten the wear of your jewelry. Visit your jeweler at least once a year to have your fine jewelry professionally cleaned and inspected for worn or cracked prongs, faulty clasp, or other potential problems.
2. Avoid heavy blows to your diamond. Diamonds can chip if struck at the right angle
3. Salt water and jewelry don’t mix. Ocean water can damage some stones and metals.
4. Keep jewelry in unlikely places. Jewelry boxes are an obvious place for thieves to look
5. Exposure to chemicals can damage and discolor precious metals-like gold, silver and platinum-and may harm colored gems. Remove jewelry before going into chlorinated water, or using household cleaners.
6. When traveling, keep valuable jewelry at home or store it in the hotel safe, not your room safe.
7. Remove jewelry before swimming. Fingers constrict in water, making rings more likely to fall off.
8. Don’t place or store your jewelry near vents, grates, sinks or drains
9. Pearls are easily damaged by an array of personal products like cosmetics and lotions.
10. Most burglaries happen in broad daylight. Always keep doors and windows locked during the day.
11. If you bump or snag your jewelry, have it inspected for potential damage that may be unnoticeable to you
12. Always take time to place jewelry in a secure place, not a pocket, on a counter, or in a public area.
13. When not wearing your jewelry, place each item in a separate, soft, compact container. If cluttered together, jewelry can become scratched-even diamonds.
14. One of the best ways to keep valuable or extensive jewelry collections secure is to store them in a burglary and fire resistant safe.

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The NYCWD Difference

How does NYCWD take a simple ring and make it into a simply stunning ring?  We use only top quality GIA certified diamonds.  GIA certified diamonds are held to the highest standards in the industry so you always know exactly what you are purchasing.

The difference is in the quality!

See for yourself the NYCWD difference with this Round Solitaire setting.  It stands out in the crowd!

%Jeweler NYC %NYC Wholesale Diamonds

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A Fancy Shape and a Fancy Color proved to be a winning combination

%Jeweler NYC %NYC Wholesale DiamondsThis 3.75 ctw Natural Fancy Yellow Radiant cut ring is simply stunning.  Radiant cut diamonds are a fantastic choice for an engagement ring.  It combines the rectangular look of an emerald, which elongates and flatters the finger, and has all the sparkle and brilliance of a round…the best of both worlds!

Here at NYCWD we only carry GIA certified Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds. 

Call NYCWD at (212) 719-2214 or email KS@NYCWD and make an appointment to create your custom ring

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Our most recent review on Google

%Jeweler NYC %NYC Wholesale DiamondsWe recently met with a fun and sweet couple who was looking for a ring to celebrate a monumental occasion. Their 20th Wedding Anniversary! Check out the review they just gave us on Google.

“We recently purchased a beautiful diamond ring to celebrate our 20 year wedding anniversary. Keith Saxe did a fantastic job working with us from the beginning by patiently capturing our design ideas and preferences. With very little lead time he was able to present to us an amazing ring that exceeded our expectations. The quality of the diamonds were top notch. In 24 hours he was able to have the ring sized and custom engraved. From start to finish this was a stress-free and pleasurable experience. I would highly recommend NYC Wholesale Diamonds. I LOVE MY RING!!!”

Call NYCWD at (212) 719-2214 or KS@NYCWD and let us create your custom ring!

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A fascinating and rare look into the world of Colored Diamonds

%Jeweler NYC %NYC Wholesale Diamonds%Jeweler NYC %NYC Wholesale Diamonds

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