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Rihanna Was Stunning in Diamond and Platinum Jewelry at the Met

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Since Rihanna landed on the music scene, there is no pop star that has created as many trends in jewelry. And when RiRi wears a choker or a lariat, women young and more mature take notice. She’s got a style that says “I do what I please and wear what I like” by mixing renowned jewelry houses with independent designers, and it all turns out looking unstudied yet utterly chic. Therefore, if you want to make your customers happy, you will watch her closely and see what her newest style-setting looks are and what direction she is influencing.

At the Met Gala on September 13, 2021, in her Balenciaga cape and sparkly forehead, she was draped in white diamonds and platinum. Three Bulgari High Jewelry necklaces were draped around her neck, but she also didn’t miss a beat with the smaller, independent designers. She kept the ear party going with Bulgari in her main holes in her lobes; she then chose Paris-based Maria Tash’s diamond styles to climb up her ears in graduated style. It’s a streamlined, elegant look. She also wore the “Rebel” black five-carat pear-shaped diamond ring by Thelma West Diamonds. Pear-shaped stones are back in style, and Rihanna can wear one on her index finger with a chic nonchalance. Take note: statement necklaces, graduated diamond earrings, and one large diamond ring on the index finger to illustrate independent and high style.

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