The psychology of choice in engagement rings and wedding bands

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In NYC Diamond Blog’s coverage of Hollywood, and the opinions of published dating experts nationwide comes this article in today’s Huff Post by Damona Hoffman. It is interesting, amusing, and worth a quick look.

Halle Berry has tied the knot again. We’re hoping that the third time is a charm for this soon-to-be mom of two. Will her marriage to Olivier Martinez be able to stand the test of time? Since my crystal ball is in the shop, I thought I’d investigate some other predictors of relationship success. Did you know that your wedding ring can actually indicate the kind of relationship you have?

I asked Simon Katz from a large jewelry website, who actually studied psychology and sociology before getting into the jewelry business, to help me analyze Halle’s engagement ring to see what her choice of ring says about their relationship future.

“Halle has had troubled relationships in her past. By choosing an actual Emerald in an Emerald Cut, she’s basically declaring, ‘I’m not going to go down the same path I’ve already been. I’ve learned my lessons, and I’m carving out a new road,’” Katz told me. “A three-stone ring setting is definitely glamorous and allows the wearer to let her unique personality shine through with different combinations of diamonds and gemstones.”

I remember the months leading up to my own engagement vividly. I was so eager to finally get that stone after three years of dating that I didn’t care what it looked like. Now that I’m aware of the various meanings behind the setting, cut, and shape, I am encouraging my successful dating coaching clients to be a little more discerning.

Katz says, “The selection of an engagement ring should be a thoughtful process so it ends up matching the personality of the wearer. The kind of engagement ring one finally chooses can also tell a lot about the present and future relationship.”

So what does your choice of ring really say about you?

The Cut And Shape Of The Stone

Classic round: The future bride and groom are likely to be traditional, perhaps a bit conservative, faithful to each other, and very loyal.

Emerald cut: More often than not, money is no object when it comes to showering each other with affection.

Princess cut: The bride-to-be will most likely be a pampered spouse, with the future groom being a dedicated, thoughtful husband.

Pear shaped: The engaged couple can be quite independent and have high standards, but ultimately supportive of each other.

Marquise cut: The engagement and marriage are punctuated with chic and glamorous events, calling for many opportunities to play dress-up.

Heart shaped: The future bride and groom are not afraid to indulge in public displays of affection now and then. They are also most likely to be giddy at their own wedding!

Oval shaped: Stability and serenity are important to the couple who choose this shape.

The Shape and Design of the Band

Traditional band: With no discernible ending and beginning, a perfectly round engagement ring tells of a future life together which the couple cannot wait to begin right away.

Split shank: This style splits the band in half near the center diamond, indicating that despite having different personalities, the people in the relationship are always one in heart, mind, and spirit.

Solitaire: As classic as they come, the solitaire speaks of a simple life together with basic values holding up the relationship as time goes by.
Three-stone setting: Symbolizing the couple’s past, present, and future, this setting serves as a precious timeline of a relationship.

Stackable rings: Flush-style engagement rings and wedding bands fit harmoniously so they form one smooth, streamlined shape when worn together. This indicates that the engaged couple is thoughtful, are careful planners, and are forward-thinking.

Engraved band: A sentimental and unique couple with plenty of private jokes and shared interests will likely choose an engagement ring engraved with symbols that mean something special to the two of them.

Just like relationships, each ring has it’s own unique identity so when you walk down the aisle, make sure you pick a ring that mirrors the love you feel for one another.

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