Thank you Carolina B. of Houston, TX for your Kind Review!

Thank you to the lovely couple, Carolina and Mark, for our recent Yelp review. We wish you both an eternity of love and success!

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“My (now) fiancĂ© spent a good part of a year researching and scouring the earth to finally find the perfect diamond to place on my finger! Searching the west, gulf, and east coasts, he looked to Keith Saxe to find a 4 carat fancy yellow radiant radiant diamond for his price range. He was the only one who could do it, and he did! I actually inadvertently met him a few weeks before I was proposed to, on a sort of impromptu meeting, and thought he was a genuinely nice guy. Mark (my love) stated Keith was the best at communication, and extremely easy to work with. Being out of state also saved him money on taxes, so not a bad idea if you’re coming from elsewhere. Mark had so many ideas on how to set it, and finally went with Keith’s suggestion. He trusted his judgment to assure this gorgeous diamond got the pedestal it deserved to sit on! Love my ring Keith!”

%Jeweler NYC %NYC Wholesale Diamonds

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