Thank you Bob for your extremely kind review on Google. It was awesome meeting Jackie, and designing her custom Diamond Eternity Wedding Band will be a thrill.
It is hard to put into words how exceptional of an experience it has been to purchase both a stunning engagement ring and wedding band from Keith at NYC Wholesale Diamonds! He is an absolute master at what he does: sourcing a great and extensive collection of beautiful diamonds, designing custom jewelry to complement the perfect diamond, patiently and thoroughly educating his customers, showing care and concern for your budget, desires and any thoughts you have about diamonds / jewelry … the list summarizing Keith’s great qualities and capabilities is endless. To put it simply, what makes Keith different is that he is both a (i) world-class diamond and jewelry expert and (ii) a genuine, good guy that cares deeply about his customer’s experience and satisfaction (as if he was a small-town jeweler relying on deep relationship with a small customer-base). I highly recommend you giving Keith a call if you are looking for an engagement ring, wedding band or any diamond / jewelry purchase. Prior to meeting with Keith, I had no experience buying a diamond, working with a jeweler or buying any fine jewelry. The incredible care and patience of Keith helped me transition from a clueless beginner to someone buying an engagement ring with great confidence. After having such a great experience purchasing an engagement ring last year, just yesterday I visited Keith with my fiance to purchase a wedding band. Over the past year, I told my fiance, family and friends about how great Keith is and how lucky I was to find him, which certainly set the bar high for our meeting. As expected, Keith exceeded my fiances expectations: she heard all about the process Keith and I went through to craft her perfect engagement ring (which Keith remembered in impressive detail), found the perfect matching wedding band and received a complimentary deep cleaning of her engagement ring. She was very impressed with Keith and is thrilled about her matching engagement ring. The punchline is no matter what your experience or budget, give Keith a call, you will be thrilled with your decision!
Robert W. Moyer III
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