Why Is It So Important To Find An Ideal Cut Diamond?

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 ‘Ideal Cut’ is a term used by diamond professionals to mean a diamond cut to proportions that were originally established in the 1919 doctoral dissertation of diamond cutter Marcel Tolkowsky.

We often think of a diamond’s cut as shape (round, cushion, princess, emerald…), but a diamond’s cut grade is really about how well a diamond’s facets interact with light.

Cut measures workmanship, rather than a diamond’s inherent qualities. The way a stone is cut enhances sparkle, brilliance, and luminosity.  The GIA’s best cut rating is excellent. This is an extremely desirable and rare distinction only awarded to diamonds that perfectly reflect light. The vast majority of diamonds are actually less than good cuts by GIA standards. This is far from ideal, and there will be a lack of brilliance no matter how large, white, or clean your diamond. It’s appearance in the absence of intense, direct light actually will be dull and lifeless.

Cut determines the sparkle, fire and brilliance of a diamond.

Knowledge on what determines if a diamond is an Ideal Cut, is the key to diamond buying success. The one thing you should not trade off on is the quality of the cut. Even a nice color stone, if not well-cut, will be dull and lifeless. For example, a middle color such as J or K, that has an excellent cut, will pop and shine with all the sparkle that makes diamonds so desirable!

Here, at NYC Wholesale Diamonds, we will spend time educating you on the cut of every diamond we present. GIA grades diamond cut as Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor. Where it gets complicated, is that GIA only grades cut on round diamonds. All other shapes take more explanation as Polish, Symmetry, Depth and Table percentages come into play, as useful guidelines

Call Keith at (212) 719-2214 his direct line for over 26 years, or email him at KS@NYCWD.com to begin your journey to finding the perfect diamond. Our Diamond Inventory Search Engine at http://www.nycwholesalediamonds.com/diamond-inventory/  is a magnificent tool displaying our vast selection of GIA certified diamonds in every size, cut, and quality.

 A unique, personal jeweler who works nationwide, Keith Saxe is GIA and FIT trained and has been a trusted high end diamond jewelry specialist for 26 years. He is the founder and president of NYC Wholesale Diamonds located at 47 West 47th Street, Suite 3A, in the New York City Diamond District. His website is www.NYCWD.com. Keith has a full service store located across the street from his private office, and a San Diego factory showroom. He offers GIA Certified Ideal Cut Diamonds, and state of the art fine jewelry designs at low wholesale prices. Keith has been named the N.Y. Diamond District’s Favorite Jeweler by the N.Y. Post’s Savvy Shopper column, had his diamond education articles published, been recommended in the New York Times, national gift reporter Robyn Spizman’s ‘Perfect Present Guide’ and ‘The GIFTionary’, as well as having his Diamond Halo Engagement Ring design featured on ‘The Knot’.

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